Snowy Advisory

Enabling businesses, individuals and communities to thrive.

Our Story

Snowy Advisory is a family owned business that provides services in Canberra, the Yass and Monaro regions in New South Wales, East Gippsland in Victoria and in Melbourne.

Snowy Advisory provides services that are tailored to clients’ specific needs and desired outcomes. We take pride in designing and delivering highly tailored business services. We also provide pro bono services encouraging and supporting rural communities and young leaders to thrive within their local communities. In addition, Snowy Advisory invests in start-up funding focusing on innovation enhancing social and individual well being.  

Our Mission

To provide tailored services that deliver ethical and sustainable outcomes for individuals, businesses, and communities. 








Strategy + Planning

We seek to develop cohesive, imaginative and focused business strategies. Capitalising on our corporate experience and by working closely with our clients as advisors, we are able to develop a deep insight into the client’s industry sector and provide guidance into opportunities and strategies to achieve our clients goals. 

Agricultural Consulting

Both Stephen and Leecia come from farming families and have a life long association with farming and farmers. Snowy Advisory has a deep commitment to sustaining and expanding  agricultural businesses.


Leadership Development & Coaching

Snowy Advisory understands that effective and confident leadership is one of the essential keys to the success of any business or personal venture. 
Both Stephen and Leecia have worked at executive levels in various organisations and throughout their careers have developed a deep understanding of the qualities that help make our clients better managers and leaders. 

Social + Community Innovation

Snowy Advisory seeks to invest in new ideas that enhance communities, social outcomes and personal well-being. This type of funding is a small but very important part of our business. In some cases, we also provide advice, coaching and support for business activities that will contribute to the success of each venture. 

Our Team

Leecia Angus

Leecia is a highly regarded senior agricultural executive with an extensive background in strategy, business planning and management services.  Leecia comes from a farming family and has a passion for delivering successful results in rural communities and agricultural enterprises.

+61 417 211 695

Stephen Angus

Stephen is an accomplished executive leader and a qualified IECL coach and grew up on a farm. Stephen's focus is developing confident and effective leaders, while strenthening team and organisational ability.

+61 419 284 729




Complaints Procedure

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction, made either verbally or in writing, about the
standard of service, actions or lack of action by Snowy Advisory Pty Ltd in providing services,
adversely affecting a client.




Directors are responsible for the investigation of complaints.

Process for complaint handling

Complaints should preferably be in writing, addressed to the Managing Director and signed
by the complainant, complete with address. The scanned letter of complaint may be
emailed to

Anonymous complaints will also be noted, assessed and action taken where necessary.
In order to deal with complaints effectively and efficiently to resolve the problem, they will
be dealt with in the following manner:


  • Complaints will be acknowledged in writing including through email within 5

working days. The letter will detail what action will be taken, who the responsible
person will be and a contact number, and the anticipated time for a response where
this is known.

  • Any follow up complaint to an original request/ complaint will be considered, and if

appropriate referred to an independent authority for review.


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